Amazing Hockey Saves NHL 06-07

LP Hockey Video clip Ranking: four / five

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25 Responses to “Amazing Hockey Saves NHL 06-07”

  1. pwnedeful says:

    that Lehtonen stop wasnt that good. All he did was that thing with his arm

  2. GhostOnline133 says:

    wow…absolutely amazing, not one save from the best goalie in the nhl ryan miller…wow

  3. Marine112672 says:

    HEY HOE CANADA GO! Where do you get all these clips?

  4. LazyJoe335 says:

    ya lundqvist with the great break away save at 2:15

  5. judojake111 says:

    i love this video how do you get this music

  6. dirndei says:

    What for a song is this ?

  7. TheRipperRypien says:

    You could fill the entire 7 minutes with just Luongo.

  8. 60krizan says:

    I am from switrzerlan and i live in lugano, hier the ice hockey is very popular, i love hockey, AMBRI Piotta and Vancouver Canuks! is the best team

  9. YankeeHotelFoxtroter says:


  10. YankeeHotelFoxtroter says:

    beat up those cab-drivers!

    …go Bruins.

  11. FishMan414 says:


  12. streethockeypeeps101 says:


  13. aaroosh says:

    ur fat just for thinking that

  14. Turtlewhistle says:


  15. hockeykid789123 says:

    ducks for the cup!!!!!

  16. jamiejrvees says:

    Canucks for the cup!!!!

  17. asswipeeee says:

    GO CANUCKS!!!!

  18. cascone28 says:

    yea da leafs song!!!!! dey suk cok but whooo i luv dis song!!

  19. judojake111 says:

    i love this video as specilieb the music.

  20. hootervilleg says:

    u no who sux the ducks they r worthless. GO WINGS!!!!!

  21. Engbom22 says:

    zombie nation – kernkraft 400

  22. yyyyyyy14 says:

    wats the first song

  23. D0M1NAT0R574 says:

    whats the last song?

  24. jOKERbOY456 says:

    pretty G-ster which is my new word

  25. exodustormz says:

    miller is a beast. do bad hes injured right now.