Amazing NHL Goals- Remember The Name

LP Hockey Video clip Ranking: 4 / 5

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7 Responses to “Amazing NHL Goals- Remember The Name”

  1. theshizzle77 says:

    nice vid by the way ovechkins goal was the best and the one were the guy did the helicopter

  2. limer96 says:

    u cant foget pasha datsyuk

  3. jfreaking05 says:

    2:35 NUTMEG!!!!

  4. Sarki87 says:

    Ovechkin reminds me of Pavel Bure. Both are/were AWESOME!

  5. BigPapaP69 says:

    ovechkin’s goal was the best…
    he is AMAZING!

  6. jfreaking05 says:

    pretty obvious song choice ok vid ive seen much better…look up jim dowd mic’d up

  7. hockeyownzsoccer says:

    coulda used some saves also.