[HD] Johnny Boychuk shot the puck in the face Steven Stamkos (Lightning – Bruins) NHL May 27, 2011

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25 Responses to “[HD] Johnny Boychuk shot the puck in the face Steven Stamkos (Lightning – Bruins) NHL May 27, 2011”

  1. REfreak3 says:

    Classless fans

  2. ROBLOXovicarlson says:

    @yoyo21OO I don’t think it’s possible for a Pens fan to not be butthurt after an insult.

  3. harrigang says:

    I used to be an adventurer like you…….but I took a puck to the face

  4. yoyo21OO says:

    @ROBLOXovicarlson hes just an angry pens fan..no worries

  5. ROBLOXovicarlson says:

    @O1Echo I have had a concussion before. Obviously not as bad as Crosby’s considering all the time he’s been out and I was only out for 2 months.

  6. O1Echo says:

    @ROBLOXovicarlson you’re one hell of a dick rider. have you ever had a concussion? get the fuck out, ignorant kid.

  7. ROBLOXovicarlson says:

    @DieFlammenwerfer I like Stamkos as well due to his class and, well speaking for a lot of people, his talent lol.

    -Caps fan

  8. ParkerKeeland says:

    @ROBLOXovicarlson I think that five minutes was him strapping a cage on his bucket haha

  9. XHSGamerX says:

    Favorite player!

  10. AustinHansen says:

    I dont care what kind of fan you are you guys sound stupid

  11. DieFlammenwerfer says:

    Another Bruins fan here. I was scared for Stamkos last year. He’s an amazing player and had shown nothing but class and pure skill during these games. As happy as I was to win the series, Stamkos and the Lightning have my utmost respect.

  12. robotchickenaj says:

    gotta respect stamkos. Got hit hard with a puck and then returns to the ice to play some more. hes a beast.

  13. WhatYouLikeSucks says:

    Bruins fan here. Gotta give Stamkos love for that. Without a visor that might have killed him and he was just like “it’s the playoffs, I gotta get back out there, do some shit and put me back on the bench I gotta work”

  14. KarmicOmen says:

    Johnny Boychuck: One big, bad, built like brick s***house bomber, ripping one bodacious blaster.

  15. PetersonChubbs says:

    and hes a pussy compared to most hockey players

  16. 4o1Gaming says:

    that’s gona leave a mark

  17. KaguyaShenku0 says:

    @CPriceKSteeg310 Depending on the person with the concussion, you can have headaches all the time or only when you exert energy. When Marc Savard thought he could come back from his concussion he started having head aches and seeing dots and eventually he started having problems with his memory which made it possible that he may have to retire.

  18. CPriceKSteeg310 says:

    @KaguyaShenku0 he seemed perfectly fine

  19. KaguyaShenku0 says:

    @CPriceKSteeg310 What does taking interviews have anything to do with playing hockey? 

  20. CPriceKSteeg310 says:

    @KaguyaShenku0 thats why crosby was getting interviewed in what march?

  21. ROBLOXovicarlson says:

    @KaguyaShenku0 I know the difference between a concussion and broken nose. I’m just sayin’ that Crosby could’ve gon back. Although he was havin’ chronic headaches in March.

  22. KaguyaShenku0 says:

    @ROBLOXovicarlson Concussions are different than broken noses dumbass, imagine whenever you stand, whenever you exert any energy you start seeing spots and get dizzy, making any task difficult. True ignorant post you hethan you

  23. ROBLOXovicarlson says:

    Toughness rate:

    Stamkos: Took puck to face and came back to game within (I think) 5 minutes.

    Ovechkin: Broke his nose and came back on the ice so he wouldn’t miss a shift (later scored 4 goals).

    Crosby: Still to be seen…

  24. zootyc00n says:


  25. RegnujNitsua says:

    Stamkos took it like a man!