NHL Amazing Goals, Dangles, and Snipes

LP Hockey Movie Score: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “NHL Amazing Goals, Dangles, and Snipes”

  1. BrEnDaNmOL says:

    @ntjannetta lol

  2. ntjannetta says:

    Since when did the NHL start using a potato to film their games?

  3. OPTICPWN1 says:


  4. sadlybuttruly1 says:

    Just realized they were both back-handers LOL, i meant the second one @ 1:16.

  5. sadlybuttruly1 says:

    That back-hand goal by Malkin was DDDiiiRRRTTTYYY!!! Just Sayin…

  6. KyRedding says:

    i LIKE dick

  7. BrEnDaNmOL says:

    @VaNgUaRdViDz didnt like what……?

  8. VaNgUaRdViDz says:

    @BrEnDaNmOL u just didnt like it cuz u dont have skill at hockey

  9. hockeyswag08 says:

    @fonzzzo ova doesn’t have a stanley cup you jackass. he can’t even get close because one man show teams don’t make it far in playoffs.

  10. cca116 says:

    sick vid;)

  11. arnolddrummer says:

    @CrashX97 Indestructable- Disturbed

  12. CrashX97 says:

    Whats The Song ?

  13. gelmore01 says:

    3:14 was sickest goal ive ever seen… unreal!

  14. rayallen73 says:

    Holy shit the Rick Nash one was nuts!

  15. 3crownking says:

    ive seen all these clips, only got my thumb up because of Disturbed :P

  16. SynsterGatesA7X says:

    the defenition looks like you recorded your tv screen with your ipod

  17. jonnieb4eva says:

    good vid, but itd be better if the quality was better dude…

  18. haslumg97 says:

    @genahockey17 i am totaly agree but u have to say that he is is a pritty god player!

  19. VanCityFitted says:

    3:49 -3:52 thats what yo call NHL 11 toe drag snipe top ched gliiitch xD

  20. ovechkinisbeast says:

    @fonzzzo your a retard ovechkin has a gold medal in 06 and a world junior medal u fucking idiot learn your facts before you talk and hes gonna have a cup after this year and if crosbys better why does ovechkin have more career points oo wait i know why bc ovechkin’s not a lil bitch

  21. hockeydangler1 says:

    good video

  22. Guitar8819 says:

    yeah crosby does own ovechkin with his pussy ass concussin haha steckle gave him saomthing to dive about he had it coming he was lucky steckle moved out of the way a little otherwise he might of cried again

  23. Kickassstudios09 says:

    Amazing video *favorited* *LIKED* *subscribed*

  24. Chargersman77 says:

    @miler621606 actually, no, i’m in the NHL, my name is Ryan Johnson, 4th line Center on the Chicago Blackhawks.

  25. miler621606 says:

    @Chargersman77 you mean you wish you were in the NHL