NHL: Tim Thomas Amazing Glove Save on Francois Beauchemin 12/4/10

LP Hockey Video Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “NHL: Tim Thomas Amazing Glove Save on Francois Beauchemin 12/4/10”

  1. aaron1567 says:

    @tombthrt i agree man, i’m a fan of the blue and white and if you say this was a shit save, then a i guess ppl are just haters lol

  2. aaron1567 says:

    i’m a die hard leafs man, but wowwwww, that was insane!

  3. DunlopGaming says:

    This is my favorite quote involving Tim Thomas.

  4. TheMagi897 says:

    Have you ever bothered consulting an optician, it’s number 9.. But yes, don’t celebrate too fast!

  5. glitch164 says:


  6. R2JUGGERNATE says:

    this should have been the tsn play of the year… way more impressive than eberle’s run-of-the-mill toe drag goal..

  7. JohnnyV920 says:

    0:05 Leafs’ number 5 already had his hand up in celebration, lmfao

  8. wsakka says:


  9. Ianster1335 says:

    Man if Joe Bowen was the play by play announcer it would like “HOLY FUCKING MACKINAW THAT IS THE GREATEST ANYONE HAS EVER SEEN!”

  10. TH3SHYT says:

    Francois Beauchemin created 3 accounts and disliked this video.

  11. Tddurdenn says:

    It’s an incredible save by Timmy !!!! SUPERMAN SAVE THOMAS !!!!

  12. montoya54321 says:

    Huge leafs Fan Great save Timmy!

  13. CourtneyJensrud says:

    I love how the shooters don’t go top shelf. When the goalie dives of course they aren’t going to cover the top of the net but shooters shoot at the bottom half expecting it to go in..

  14. tombthrt says:

    WOW. so apparently somebody forgot that we are making a comment on a great save..who cares what team or where you are from..how can you not like this…..

  15. CF173 says:

    Timmy Thomas future hall of famer no doubt about it what he has accomplished in such a short time

  16. nepo54 says:

    haha facepalm. GO TIMPPA GO

  17. NewYorkCityMax says:

    Oh My Godness!!!

  18. JBhab30 says:

    @karsonvan You have a pretty shitty sense of smell then you fucking clown im from Ontario . Nice try tho thinking im a habs fan oh he must be french your a fucking joke .

  19. karsonvan says:

    @JBhab30 well, i can tell you are french. i can smell you from here. froggy boy bitch

  20. Eagles1978 says:

    he could win the Vezina again this year and still no team would give up much in a trade for him. Heaven forbid a guy with 1 vezina win in the past 2 seasons and possible another would be worth more than a 3rd round pick. Poor Timmy, he’ll never get the respect he deserves.

  21. JBhab30 says:

    @karsonvan Fuck your self you fucking piece of shit , I hope the nucks make to teh finals so we can beat on there pussy asses like we did the last game lmao , GO HABS GO GO HABS GO

  22. karsonvan says:

    @JBhab30 haha your a fucking fag. GO CANUCKS GO!!!! fucking cunt,,,,

  23. JBhab30 says:

    @sh00nmeister Yeee GoHabsGo hope we can see another Habs vs Bruins seriesthis year

  24. Lundqvist3035 says:

    tim thomas is a great nhl story, this guy may have an unorthodox style, but he never gives up, his amazing athletic ability and drive has gotten him to the nhl and has kept him even after a bad year still one of the top goalies in the NHL

  25. attananightshadow says:

    that is definately save of the year so far.